Mommy loves her baby ; Daddy loves his baby / by Morrow, Tara Jaye.; Morrow, Tara Jaye.Daddy loves his baby.; Beeke, Tiphanie.;
Rhyming text compares the love Mommy and Daddy have for their baby to the various things that animals do. Book is read in both directions.
Subjects: Upside-down books.; Upside-down books; Mother and child; Father and child; Babies; Animals; Stories in rhyme.;
© 2003., HarperCollins,
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Babybug magazine begins a lifelong love of books for infants and toddlers. Babybug magazine is filled with colorful pictures and simple rhymes and stories that babies and parents will delight in reading together.GRPL Serial bib.
Subjects: Children's literature;
© c1994-, Carus Pub. Co.,
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Baby face : a book of love for baby / by Rylant, Cynthia.;
"From the early morning of a new day to afternoon nap time to the evening bath and bedtime, a baby's life is sometimes quiet, sometimes busy, and always filled with baby love. Newbery Medal recipient Cynthia Rylant and beloved artist Diane Goode joyfully celebrate all of the treasured moments in a baby's life in six read-aloud verses for babies and toddlers to share - especially with those they love."--jacket
Subjects: Infants; Children's poetry, American.;
© 2008., A Paula Wiseman Book/Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers,
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Raising confident readers : how to teach your child to read and write, from baby to age seven / by Gentry, J. Richard.;
Includes bibliographical references (p. 225-233) and index.
Subjects: Language arts (Early childhood); Early childhood education; Early childhood education; Individualized instruction.;
© 2010., Da Capo LifeLong,
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Baby read-aloud basics : fun and interactive ways to help your little one discover the world of words / by Blakemore, Caroline.; Weston-Ramirez, Barbara.;
Includes bibliographical references (p. 231-240) and index.Why Baby Read-Alouds Benefit Your Baby's Language Development -- Ten Benefits of Reading Aloud to Your Baby from Day One -- Eight Baby Read-Aloud Basics -- How to Read the Baby Read-Aloud Way -- Introducing the Six Stages of Baby Read-Alouds -- The Listener (Birth to Two Months) -- The Observer (Two to Four Months) -- The Cooer (Four to Eight Months) -- The Babbler (Eight to Twelve Months) -- The Word Maker (Twelve to Eighteen Months) -- The Phrase Maker (Eighteen to Twenty-four Months) -- Practical Tips and Resources -- Questions and Answers -- Fun Activities and Tips to Manage TV and Make a Language Rich Home -- Interviews with Parents of Successful Readers -- Baby Books 101.
Subjects: Reading (Early childhood); Reading (Early childhood);
© c2006., AMACOM,
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Read it! Play it! with babies and toddlers / by Oppenheim, Joanne.; Oppenheim, Stephanie.; Auclair, Joan.; Oppenheim Toy Portfolio.;
Includes bibliographical references.Introduces new parents to the power of books, songs, stories, and play at this crucial time in a child's development.
Subjects: Creative activities and seat work.; Children's literature; Children;
© c2006., Oppenheim Toy Portfolio,
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What do we do with the baby? / by Walton, Rick.; Miglio, Paige.;
A bunny mother explores all of the wonderful things she can do with her baby, from holding and hugging to feeding and dressing.
Subjects: Rabbits; Infants;
© c2008., HarperCollinsPublishers,
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