Book! / by George, Kristine O'Connell.; Smith, Maggie,1965-;
Subjects: Books; Children's poetry, American.; Books and reading; American poetry.;
© c2001., Clarion Books,
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Read it! Play it! with babies and toddlers / by Oppenheim, Joanne.; Oppenheim, Stephanie.; Auclair, Joan.; Oppenheim Toy Portfolio.;
Includes bibliographical references.Introduces new parents to the power of books, songs, stories, and play at this crucial time in a child's development.
Subjects: Creative activities and seat work.; Children's literature; Children;
© c2006., Oppenheim Toy Portfolio,
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Read to your bunny / by Wells, Rosemary. ;
Brief rhyming text and colorful illustrations tell what happens when parents and children share twenty minutes a day reading.
Subjects: Rabbits; Books and reading; Stories in rhyme.;
© 1998., Scholastic Press,
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Reading with babies, toddlers, and twos : a guide to choosing, reading, and loving books together / by Dell'Antonia, K. J.; Straub, Susan.;
Real reading, real kids: the why, who and what -- Now: a very fine time to start -- Baby lit crit: choosing the best books for your baby or toddler -- It's all in the telling: reading aloud, making it up and desperately seeking Cinderella -- Judge a book by its cover: art in your life -- Interactive books make reading sensational -- Nursery rhymes, poetry, singing songs, and finger play -- Books and the big boxes: TV, computers, and your baby reader -- Books to the rescue part one: love, loss, and laughter: books that describe the feelings of life -- Books to the rescue part two: potty training, big kid beds, and more -- Reading happily ever after.
Subjects: Reading (Preschool); Infants; Toddlers;
© c2006., Sourcebooks,
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Raising confident readers : how to teach your child to read and write, from baby to age seven / by Gentry, J. Richard.;
Includes bibliographical references (p. 225-233) and index.
Subjects: Language arts (Early childhood); Early childhood education; Early childhood education; Individualized instruction.;
© 2010., Da Capo LifeLong,
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